What are Learning Objects?

Learning objects are online tools used to enhance a students learning experience. They are often times fun and interactive in order to engage students in the subject they are learning. They are sometimes instructional and sometimes used for practice.

Learning Tools Lesson

Polygon Lesson

To start our lesson on polygons we will watch a video that answers the question "What is a polygon?"

Now listen to this fun song by "Algebra Man" called the Polygon Song.

Now read this explanation of polygons on Math Is Fun.

Go to the Polygon Playground to make and play with different polygons.

Visit MathLeague to learn about different types of polygons.

View this picture from Glogster and see how many polygons you can name.

Next plays this game Math-Play. In the game you will practice classifiying different polygons you just read about.

Listen to the this classic song with a polygon twist.

Angles Lesson

Start by watching this video on angles. It explains what angles are, how they are formed, and describes different types.

Visit the MathOpenReference website to learn what an angle is and to make some angles.

Listen to this song about learning how to square an angle.

Read about angles on wolgram, and then use this picture to compare different kinds of angles.

Alien Angles is a fun game about friendly aliens from planet Geometry. It is your job to help them get home!

Kun Fu Angles is an engaging game, with awesome graphics and a Kun Fu storyline.

Finish up with this funny song from Math Rocks about angles and the different types of angles.